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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lazy weekend after a week of hockey

I managed to play hockey three times in a week last week, a rare feat for me. I had a hockey game on Tuesday (2-0 loss; felt the same as our previous game against them, which was a 4-2 win), went to the Oakland Ice hockey class on Thursday (a little short because the fershlugginer figure skaters took an extra 15 mins to get the heck off the ice), and then a game on Friday (a very tough and fun 1-1 tie, even after 5 mins overtime). "I was tired" is an understatement.

Oh, and I finally get it about Fremont being The Big Ice. I was way more tired after/during Friday's game than I was for Thursday's. Way. It is a lot more ice to cover, and a sprint into the corner is simply longer. But we did have faster subbing, which was A Good Thing.

Saturday, we had very little to do. Got up late, went to Dharma and TGF's "tag" sale, came home with a strawberry iMac for the little guy. His Mac games haven't been working on my computer, under Classic, for a while now. This one only runs 9.2.2, so it's perfect for this. I scrounged up a keyboard and USB mouse for him, updated the firmware, loaded a Humongous Entertainment driver, and updated the 9.0.4 OS to 9.2.2 (all this while walking back and forth to my computer with burned CD's), and we were good to go. He is so happy.

Saturday afternoon, I had a Stamp A Stack with my Stampin' Up rep, who had created a tremendous variety of cards to make. I enjoyed it as always, and even modified a few of the cards and was so pleased with the results. Now to actually mail them to someone...!

In the middle of the SAS, I took off (thanks to my friend for agreeing to this!) and left G behind to go to a 1-hr coffee date at Peet's. (Of course at Peet's.) What a great date! I had such fun getting to know this gal, who Dharma found on Craig's List for me. We really connected and are both looking forward to spending time together.

After finishing my SAS cards, we came home and pretty much collapsed. I slept well until 3:30 am, until I had a rare insomniac moment. I think I was up till about 5, tossing and turning, walking around, wanting to sleep but unable to. I've heard you should just get up when you feel like this, as lying down doesn't help, but I felt tired. G and I slept in on Sunday, whereupon he declared it a Mom And Kid Day. Which turned out to mean that we didn't go to church (which I'd kinda wanted to do), but mostly meant we spent time together. That was when I updated his iMac and set it up (with some clearing of his desk, which is a Good Thing). I also made banana muffins in my silicon muffin "tin," which is floppy but it really does not stick, and after that, granola for me (almond with cransins this time). I used less oil and honey, which kind of didn't work. (not as crunchy this time.)

Watched part of Die Hard With a Vengeance, which I realized I'd seen like 30 seconds into it. "Oh, yeah, that guy's going to [SPOILER]." Argh. I hate that!

Despite never seeing the light of day, it actually was a pretty good day.


At 4:39 PM, August 16, 2007, Blogger Dharma said...

I think you could use a few more days "off" like this a year. You know like maybe 5 a year instead 2?

At 8:26 AM, August 17, 2007, Blogger wen said...

ah, dharma found you a date on cl. that made me smile--maybe she's got another (matchmaker) calling. ;)

glad there was a connection, and also that you had time to stamp and hang out with the boy!


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