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Monday, April 28, 2008

Appointments to evaluate whether to make appointments

Today was G's appointment to be evaluated by the psychologist. After he sat with G for about a half hour, he called me in without him. He certainly was on the same page I was--I'd read the diagnosis for Asperger's Syndrome (turns out I was pronouncing it wrong; it's a hard 'g') and he might qualify.

The trouble with these appointments is that they're so damned brief, it feels like nothing gets done. Met with the first guy on the first day, Yes, he said, there could be something there. Met with the second guy, Oh yes, he says, that could be something. Let me have you meet with our Asperger's guy. Met with him, Oh certainly, he says, let's set up appointments so I can evaluate him for that.

But at the end of today's appointment, he says schools don't usually do IEPs for kids who aren't failing. Mama Bear really came out then. I said that my concern was him getting suspended or expelled from school for his behavior! Yes, he says; let's make the diagnostic appointments and get him an IEP. Phew.

A nice thing is that the appointments are at 7PM, so no juggling school or work to make them. And he's squeezing us in before he goes on three months paternity leave to be with his wife and brand-new twins. Sounds like a good guy, eh?


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