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Monday, May 07, 2012

What a lovely weekend! Friday, I had a little 'me' time as Charlie went to his youth groups first-Friday get-together for 4 hours. I returned home and had a little dinner, then headed out to the "preview" night of the Friends of the Library book sale. Spent an astonishing 2 hours there, accumulating 10 books I didn't know I wanted, and finding no D.W. (of Arthur fame) nor Angelina Ballerina books for our friends' daughters--this, despite leafing through every kid's book on 4 full tables. What was nice was the low number of book resellers, who are sometimes so very rude. One of them, on the phone the entire time, loudly knocked a bookend off a table with her butt, and never looked back once. Another complained at length about a book-sale monitor's admonition to keep her box of books near her, even after I pointed out that restocking books were being kept in boxes under tables this year, so someone could well come along and take her books out if her box were not kept near her. No, it was unfair to her, blah blah.

Saturday, we had a glorious sleep-in and I spent most of the day in pajamas... doing what? I am sure I was productive, but can't remember exactly what I did. Got a load of dishes in the dishwasher, fed us, made a lovely fruit salad with an orange, a grapefruit, a banana, and some frozen blueberries, but aside from that, hm. Probably knit a bit and watched some TV.

At 2:30, though, I rallied the troops and we dressed and went out to pick up a trampoline we'd bid on at a recent youth fundraiser auction. It will be smallish but Charlie is thrilled. We didn't have time to put it up this weekend, but maybe Wednesday will be the day. Returned home, I threw my hockey gear in the car, and bid Charlie adieu as I set out for Team Chili Puckers' game. I played hard, but still managed to leave enough of the other team open to score several times, with a 2-4 loss in the end. It was fun and a good game, with the other team having a perplexing number of people falling. There must have been 7 good spills. Team CP has a great coach, who was very supportive and helped me find a few things to work on in my play.

On the way home, I stopped at Los Gallos Tacqueria for cash (they have two ATMs inside!) and a pollo asado burrito. So, so good. Back home, I was too tired to do much, so Charlie and I watched Futurama eposides together while he finished my burrito (it was big and I was full).

Sunday, I let Charlie sleep in as much as possible, and woke him to get us out the door to church, as I was singing with the choir and he was acolyte. After church, we went to the book sale's last day ($3/bag) and picked up a few more, then set out for Liz's concert down in Cupertino. We hung out with their girls, who were super funny and sweet and fun to be around. Little Moo Moo went potty for me! And her big sister did her homework with only a little bit of nagging. After the concert, which was very well done, we went to the playground for a bit of play before we headed home. We met up with my first gf and her wife for dinner at La PiƱata in San Leandro, where I could use my $25 gift card from a bulk Costco purchase (the gift card was no longer good at the sister restaurant in Alameda due to owner split). Tasty fish dinner with odd cactus salad and yummy margaritas. When we got home, my ex & her wife did a test drive of our Honda Fit to see if it might be their next car. They were sold and I'm waiting on my dividend check from Honda. I won't recommend the dealership, but I'll wholeheartedly recommend the car. We still love it.


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