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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Eating in St-Malo

In St-Malo, we ate at the Lion d'Or twice. Charlie had grilled cheese & ham each time, with a fried egg added the first night (Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame). I had a fancy fish plate the first night--salmon so fresh, it overshadowed the other two fish on my plate. The second night, I ordered an omelette and fries (most of which Charlie ate). The waiter seemed disappointed in our order but warmed up after I told him we were return customers and would be ordering dessert. He brought us a warm apple tart with salted caramel sauce and ice cream that was nothing short of amazing.

During our dinner the first night, we saw a stream of people holding paper lanterns go by, and this flamingo and a papier-mâché mermaid. Turns out it was Carnaval that night, and the parade had started way back near the hostel where we were staying.

The hostel where we stayed was initially a very tough sell. (I was grateful that I'd decided against the hostel in Dinan for the next span of nights.) Although the towels and a nice buffet breakfast were included, and the room was quiet if sparse, the lack of WiFi, having had it in the two previous places, was a very tough adjustment for Charlie. The Internet connection the first day in particular was pathetic--cutting out often, slow when connected.

Things looked up after that--I never did cook in their kitchen (it stank the entire time), so we went out for lunch & dinner and honestly, all of the meals were either good or great. We walked the ramparts of the old city one night, ending up at the Corps de la Garde Crêperie, recommended by Rick Steves. Without a reservation, we were advised to come back in 10. Through a miscommunication, we ended up at a table with a French couple. These were long tables with long benches with no backs--kind of uncomfortable. The next day, we returned for lunch but went into the lower dining room that had chairs and benches with backs, but no view. Everything was lovely. That previous night, at Charlie's urging, I ordered a crêpe flambée with blueberry jam and Grand Marnier (which was too strong in the end for me to finish the crêpe). I got a good photo, which I'll insert here when I find it.


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