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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cheap and easy fried rice

I made fried rice last weekend. Tossed in some frozen vegetables (broccoli, corn, peas) towards the end, and started with a few raw veggies (julienned carrots--to cook faster, cabbage, green onions) after I cooked a scrambled egg and removed it. For the sauce, I usually use bottled oyster sauce, but I had run out and not replaced it. So I made it up: soy sauce, generous splash of toasted sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, a sprinkling of sugar, and a generous sprinkling of cornstarch (to thicken it while it cooked).

I steamed 2 cups of rice in my rice cooker on the "delay" function, which worked GREAT. Coming home to hot rice--what a boon!

I added the rice toward the end, when the veggies were cooked and warmed through. I also diced some sliced ham and pan-fried it with the veggies. The mistake was adding some cooked shredded chicken. It was just an odd addition, in the end.

What I liked about it was that it was more veggies than anything else. I nearly forgot to add the scrambled egg back--I had let it cook into a flat pancake and quickly julienned it before adding it back.

The sesame oil really makes the sauce savory, I think. Next time, a little fresh grated ginger and garlic.



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