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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Who needs paper?

I have several blank-page journals on my bookshelves at home, with one or a handful of pages written on. I love the idea of keeping a journal, and even of the thoughts I have to write down. But the physical act of writing on paper is really uncomfortable for me--I just have too many issues. Probably should've had OT when I was young.

So while I thought about bringing one of those journals to the Lair this year, it was easy to dismiss the idea quickly.

Tangent: I also always brought paper and meticulously wrote out the week's schedule on paper for each of us, so we wouldn't miss out on events we'd like to attend (the Sunday-night hike to a beautiful view, with wine and cheese, for example). Forgot any semblance of paper this year, so I cast around for ideas and came up with: digital. I'm entering in events on my Google Calendar and hope to use it this year just as effectively as paper, if not more so.

In the same vein, I'm going to see if blogging makes a better journaling medium than paper. Since I type way faster than I can hand write, I'm thinking so.

Our trip to the Lair was one of the most relaxing yet. I did the math and realized that even if we stopped for an hour for lunch, we still wouldn't have to leave home until 10AM in order to get to the Lair at 'opening'--earliest check-in is 2PM. And the pool is open 2-5PM on Saturday! We had yet to make it, and I was driven (ha ha) this year.

So I made lists upon lists upon lists, and crossed things off and added things and thought of things I'd forget (I'm very good at realizing what I'll forget but not always great about writing that down NOW when I have the thought). Had just a couple of hiccups--things that were out but nearly didn't get packed, and 2 things that nearly got packed but that we don't need (air mattresses--there are mattresses here, and some beds are really springy: plenty comfy).

But one habit that Charlie and I both have gotten into is The Walk-Through. Whenever we're leaving a hotel/motel room, or leaving on a trip, we take one last walk through the place before we leave. At least half the time, we spot something we neglected to pack. It's a low-stress, taking-care-of-ourselves step.

So the Walk-Through caught the few small things that nearly got left, and Chester got a final hug and Lucy a final good-bye (she being already in her crate), and we set off at 10:45AM. This meant that if we lunched pretty quickly, we'd still get there on the dot of 2PM. We lunched more leisurely, both reading our books and enjoying the A/C, and arrived by 2:30. Plenty of time to get our car unloaded and reparked and set off for the somewhat cold pool--noticeable but not uncomfortable.

And lovely to be here. The pool was followed, for me, by a manager-hosted plein-air mixer (beer and wine, and some simple appetizers) where I had a long chat with this year's music director, Patrick. He was very excited to hear that we'd brought our guitar/ukulele instruments. He wants to work with us on a piece for the Oski Revue, which is Thursday night, I think. Yay! I ran through "Crazy" by Patsy Cline, and I'll have to work hard to perform that--so many chords I can't form easily. Worth a try, though!

To bed now, early, for a good night's rest before tomorrow morning's 7:15AM coffee call. It's really nice to be here under the stars, falling asleep to the noise of s'mores making around the campfire.


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