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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 3

Day 3 at the Lair; settling in. Woke up in time for lap swim, early, actually, then dozed a bit till I woke with a start, 15 minutes into lap-swim time. Before, I might've thrown in the towel, but I'm committed this week to keeping up on exercise to balance out the eating.

The pool was the perfect temperature--just a little chilly on entry, so it's not too warm by the time I'm done--and despite my late start, I got 1/3 mile in.

Today is largely a lazy day, with Charlie skipping this morning's horse riding and both of us just hanging out. Lovely.

I hope to get some good knitting in today. And paint bisqueware. And make clay things. And do kumihimo. And splash in the pool. Plus, ping pong. And practice ukulele. Yeah, lazy day.

Update: here I am, knitting sunscreen and dirt into my sweater sleeve... Bliss.


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