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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 5, Lair 2012

Wednesday: This afternoon are the 'auditions' for Oski Revue. I'm nervous--and then chastise myself for feeling nervous. I'd love to sing "Crazy," but I can't play all the chords, quickly enough, anyway. Charlie wanted to do a song by himself, but then snapped his E string and got nervous, and asked me to play and sing with him.

We've made and glazed clay things (a Super Mario baby for Charlie, a purple/white salt pig for me), Charlie's done a lanyard (I won't make one this year, since I can't think of a reason for one), I taught the Art Shack folks how to do amigurumi kumihimo, I've done some knitting (finished a sleeve and started a back), read some (Deeper by Roderick Gordon and Neither Here Nor There by Bill Bryson), and sung a lot (Creekside and Family Sing-Along FTW!). Oh, and eaten. The food here is good. As always.

Charlie couldn't play in the Staffers v. Campers inner tube water polo game (minimum age: 16), but he's gotten to play with his age group (11-2) and they'll play again tomorrow. I did lap swim, kayaking, and water aerobics. Fun and justifies some of the eating. (I said "some.")

Still to come: tie-dye, Hootenanny (campfire show), and closing-night show. Gonna be great.


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