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Monday, February 20, 2006

The weekend, part 1

Friday, G's school was closed for Lincoln's birthday. Y-kids was open, however, so he arrived with a packed lunch and anticipation of a fun day. We were both surprised to see his friend J there, but then realized on most holidays, their Y-kids classes combine. J is a sweetheart, and immediately asked if they could have a playdate. Sure! I figured her mom and I would be picking up at the same time and could work it out then.

When I came to pick him up, J was still there, so we waited for her mom to come. By that time, they'd hit on the idea of a sleepover. J's mom was hesitant and said she'd call at 8 to see how things were going. Instead, at 8PM she and her husband showed up with sleepover supplies. G and J were playing just fine together (while I got lots of stuff done, hooray), so I set up the IKEA tent and they laid out their sleeping bags.

Well, J dropped right off to sleep, but G pestered me for many hours with "I can't go to sleep!" I ended up threatening to take away some toy, and he finally stayed put... till 4AM, when he woke me up. He went back & forth for about 1/2 hour and then finally fell asleep. At 7:30AM, when I got up, they were both up and trading off reading to each other. (Awww!) J got picked up after some pancakes and we hung around till about 12:30.

I had been invited to a stamping party, to make 2 cards and shop for stamping supplies. It was a small party (just 4 plus the dealer), but there was lots of nosh and conversation, and man, I do enjoy this stuff. G played at another friend's house till cards were pretty much done, then shuttled over, and we all got packed up and started getting ready for dinner.

But dinner was not to be, at least not for our family. There were by now 4 kids playing, and reports kept coming back of misbehavior, entirely on G's part. I dealt with it till it was clear that he just couldn't rein himself in, and packed up to leave. My seventh circle of hell started from dragging him out of the house, and continued down the street, forcing him into his carseat while avoiding blows and kicks, and then, once we arrived home, more kicks. Once inside, he was put in his room. In 3 minutes, all was calm. Maybe should have left earlier.

We had a quiet evening and I got some knitting done.


At 2:35 PM, February 21, 2006, Blogger Dharma said...

Lots of good stuff. Sounds like maybe Graham got overstimulated with all the kids there and had trouble managing. Sorry that part was hard.


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