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Monday, February 20, 2006

The weekend, part 2.

Sunday, we woke up late-ish but made pretty good time. As 9AM rolled around, I decided it would be expedient to bring breakfast (cold cereal) and eat at church. Good thing I did, because by the time we got there, it was 9:30 already and the bell choir was already practicing! G decided he'd rather hang out during practice and eat with me after instead of eating by himself in the Sunday School area. He was very quiet during a much needed practice (we still managed to mess up the first song in the performance). We had breakfast together, cleaned up, and got my choir robe on, and we waited for our friends so that he could sit with them and I could 'process' in. And we waited. And waited.

Uncharacteristically, they were late. I got him settled with a friend and sat down, and they arrived within a few minutes, to his utter delight. He attended "Children's Time" which was a little less than enthralling, I'm afraid, for them, and then happily ran out for Sunday School.

The second bell piece went well. It was entirely done with mallets, which is unusual for us, and I did pretty well, just missing one part.

After church, I went to a meeting, and then we went home to get ready to head down to Stitches West to see if I could spend some money at the Market. And I did, even though it closed 2 hrs earlier than I had expected. I showed restraint but am quite pleased with my purchases:

part 3: coming up...


At 2:38 PM, February 21, 2006, Blogger Dharma said...

That red yarn looks fabulous! I love it.


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