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Friday, October 19, 2007

This is commitment

There are two parts to volunteering: the fingerprinting, which I've completed (and since I haven't heard, I'm thinking it's just fine and I haven't been confused with Lynette Squeaky Fromme), and the TB test.

Back in the day, a TB test was self-reading--they'd give you the pricks on the arm or inject the little bubble, and a postcard you'd send back after 3 days. Now, you actually have to come back for a nurse to read it (which I predict will take all of 15 seconds).

After trying to find a way to have a TB test at Kaiser in my home town and failing, I went into Oakland. Takes maybe 17 mins to get there from work. I go up to the Adult Injection clinic, and stagger a bit. It is swamped. So swamped, I'm thinking, What the heck is going on? Apparently, they are just very busy sometimes. There is a new computer system, but honestly, can it be that big of a deal?

I'd signed out at work for 1.5 hrs, thinking that should be enough time, and given luck, I could be back in an hour. Cue the Universe laughing. I returned nearly 2.5 hrs later (and hit no traffic on the way back).

Thank G-d I had taken my knitting, or I would have been nuts! waiting so long. Holy moly. It was actually amazing.

I asked the receptionist when would be a good time of day to come back on Monday (after confirming I can't get it read here either), and she said, 8:30AM is good.

Guess who's getting up extra early on Monday?


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