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Friday, January 13, 2006

Tag, I'm it.

Tagged by Dharma...

Four Jobs You've Had
1- Summit Inn, busgirl, cashier, and drinks waitress. My first and only minimum-wage job. Actually not bad as jobs go. The owner was very nice.
2- Admin type person at my dad's company at the time, EMCON Associates. They are so gone they don't even have a website, it seems. In San Jose. Worked hard for a wonderful gal named Barbara, who was tiny and sharp as a freakin' tack. Summers & winter breaks from college.
3 - Office Manager/Technical Editor for Computech Engineering Services (gone gone gone) and Dynamic Isolation Systems (sold for a pretty profit, I hear!). Forced to get a job by my mean mom who said she wouldn't pay my rent after I dropped out of college. I mean...!
4- AAII at UC Berkeley's Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, which isn't really a museum. Great folks. Did some admin stuff but managed to do some tech stuff, too, including getting the entire place online, dragging some of them kicking and screaming into the current century.

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
1- The Princess Bride
2- Grosse Pointe Blank
3- The Usual Suspects
4- Independence Day "Oh no you di'n't!"

Four Places You've Lived
1- Palos Verdes Peninsula, which no longer exists: it's now Rancho Palos Verdes, gag
2- The Santa Cruz Mountains, near the Christmas Tree Farm where Susan got her tree
3 -The blue house near the North Berkeley BART station (such a cute house)
4- The Sigma Kappa sorority house at UC Berkeley. Loved my roommate but couldn't move out fast enough. No privacy and plenty of girls who were happy to criticize my mess. lovely.

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch
1. CSI
2. CSI: NY I've loved Gary Sinise ever since The Stand.
3. CSI: Miami
4. Arrested Development which actually falls under the heading of shows I would love to watch. Haven't successfully taped it yet.

Four Places You've Been on Vacation
1. Something like 16 countries in Europe, when I was 13.
2. Hawaii, when I was too young to really appreciate it, dammit.
3. Lake Siskiyou. Terrific time camping w/my sister and her family.
4. France: Paris, the Loire Valley, the Dordogne, Brittany. Still wanna go back for more.

Four Blogs You Visit Daily
1. I start with Andrea's blog because she lists everyone I visit except Dharma...
2. Then I visit Liz
3. and Cheddah
4. and Susan
4a. and Heather
4b. and Viv
4c. and then sometimes some knitting blogs, especially the ones that make me laugh.

Four of Your Favorite Foods
1. Thanksgiving Dinner (what, you thought I'd actually play by the rules?)
2. Chicken Koorma Masala
3. Blueberries
4. Pad Thai

Four Places You'd Rather Be
1. Snuggling my kid
2. Home, knitting
3. Playing hockey
4. Hiking.

Again--you expected me to follow the rules?

Four Albums You Can't Live Without
I have an iPod. I have to choose 4 albums?
1. Peter Frampton, Frampton Comes Alive!
2. Led Zeppelin first album
3. Green and Root's album

4. C&C Music Factory, Gonna Make You Sweat

Four Vehicles You've Owned
1. Saab 99. Dark green, "4 on the tree," shifting into reverse required no fewer than 3 movements. Looked kinda like a Jaguar. The passenger seat didn't latch well and would kinda move around when you went around curves. I never sat in it and couldn't understand how folks pitched a fit about that. Settle down! Not really owned by me but was mine to drive in high school.
2. 1985 Mazda GLC. Was really a PGLC--a pretty great little car. Bought 2nd-hand when I dropped out of college and was working. Daddy helped me buy it.
3. 1990 Toyota Corolla. Frickin awesome car. Sold it 10 yrs old for $3600. It got 38 mpg on the highway. Not great traction (very light car), but good control, as it had front-wheel drive. I only sold it because I was gonna have a kid and thought I should have more room for kidlet + 2 dogs.
4. 2000 Subaru Legacy "L" wagon. It's been terrific. I still mourn the gas mileage of the Corolla, even though G would not be happy sharing the back seat with even 1 dog. Desperately needs to be washed.

Four Taggees
1. Oh, must I?
2. No, I won't.
3. Tagging feels too much like chain letters.
4. So I'm not going to do this part.


At 11:06 PM, January 14, 2006, Blogger heather said...

ad no idea you were such a csi freak. i like the original most times. jorja is hot.

and yeah you gotta check arrested dev - there's nothing on mondays anyway!


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