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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tag me, beat me, make me meme

Andrea tagged me with this one...

5 nicknames you have or had
Jenny Penny*
Jennie Bennie Boo (that's from Mom)
Baby Tiny Toes (ditto)
Jennie Van Wheatbread
Nifer (OK, wasn't really my nickname, but I thought it would be a cool one for a while there)

*I used to be Jenny before I was Jennie.

5 sweet treats you like to eat
Ice cream, in nearly any flavor except those that combine fruit and chocolate. Oh, and Chocolate.
Freddo (had to learn that name from Liz; I just called it "sweet blended drink from Peets")
$100,000 Bar (which they renamed to $100 Grand Bar. Yeah, so different)
Cheesecake, maybe with fruit on top, but never chocolate
Blueberry pie

5 things people would be surprised you have
haptodysphoria (but I can touch peaches)
hockey gear (well, some people would be surprised)
membership in a sorority
significant facility with languages

5 fabulous celebrations
My 29th birthday. I rented a small hall in Alameda. Invited 100 of my closest friends (40-60 came). Asked them to bring potluck dishes in lieu of gifts. Everyone played board games and ate till I got up and taught a few line dances. Incredibly fun.
My 30th birthday. See above (too fun not to do it again).
My mom's birthday a few years ago. She threw a big party for herself and was surrounded by her friends. But she never told them it was for her birthday; just a big dinner party, she said.
Another funeral reference: my friend Aaron Katzman. He was so beloved that the church was completely full, with people sitting in the aisles and just outside the doors. I don't know how long the funeral procession was, but it was damned long. He was young (solo rock-climbing accident) and so terrific. Still very much missed by all.
Another vote for Disneyland's 50th

5 things you'd like to have
1 more bedroom in my house
a boyfriend/girlfriend
tanzanite earrings (still searching on eBay)
TiVo (naw, just kidding, A)
a housecleaning service
a poop-scooping service

5 cool presents you've received
Some of the money for the down payment on my house (thanks, Mom!)
My bike (free from a gal on my SMC list; not really a gift, but given for free, and it's a nice bike!)
My garnet earrings (a gift from my aunt & uncle upon my graduation from college; a totally unexpected but very much appreciated gift), my birthstone
Lifetime membership to the California Alumni Association, a graduation gift from my parents
A 5-day pass to Walt DisneyWorld from the friends we'd traveled there with, a surprise gift that was so sweet and generous of them

5 things you've collected
some of these maybe belong in the "things that would surprise people" list above
Dick Francis novels in paperback
Yarn (being truthful!)
Astérix Books (mostly in French)

5 books you've read in the past 5 years
just five???
Da Vinci Garbage as well as Angels and More Garbage
The Philip Pullman "His Dark Materials" Trilogy (great stuff)
Two of the books from Garth Nix's "Sabriel" trilogy
Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere (OMG, so good; see the BBC movie/shows too)
Eats, Shoots and Leaves (I just got a website to correct an it's-its error today!)

5 slang terms you use regularly
"Shaw!" (how do you spell that?)
Ask Dharma for the rest. I'm sure she'd be glad to spell 'em out.

A multiple of 5 people you'd like to tap for this
Zero is a multiple of 5. I'm guessing everyone who'd do it has been tapped already.


At 11:53 AM, May 04, 2006, Blogger Dharma said...

"No WAY". Is definitely one more.
"What's your point" (var, Your point would be".)
Nicknames - Personally, I like Jennie.

We definitely have a few things in common, guess that's why we're buds.

At 12:25 PM, May 04, 2006, Blogger Andrea said...

"jennie van wheatbread?" where do people come up with this stuff? "jennie van hooey" would be more appropriate. =P

so if you have haptodysphoria, how do you feel when you touch yarn?

i love asterix! in english though.

At 12:35 PM, May 04, 2006, Blogger Jennie said...

Jennie Van Hooey???

I'm OK as long as the yarn isn't made out of suede. (shudder)

Asterix in English--sacrilege!


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