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Thursday, March 01, 2007

I claim this blog in the name of Spain

I haven't posted in 9 days now, and only intermittently before that. I was just reading Viv's blog, and she blogs just about daily, often more than once a day. I am going to try to do that, NaBloPoMo style and all.

I'd also like to get back to blogging our weekends, à la Andrea.

So... last Friday, G woke up with a horrendous, barky cough. I was immediately concerned, because my dear friends' sons were just diagnosed with RSV, which is a nasty, nasty virus. I think several of my coworkers have it, from the sound of their coughing. ("Why are you here?" I ask. "Home got boring," he answers. Ugh.)

So I decided on the spot to keep him home from school for the day. He is elated (of course he is; he doesn't feel sick, after all, and he has been begging to stay home, periodically, for a while now). Since I can't face a whole day at home without some distraction, we head out to the video store (I wish they had a website; they totally rock!) and stock up on some DVDs. I grab Brokeback Mountain from the 99-cent movies rack (the Oscar Losers; they always have a theme for the 99-cent rack and the movies generally don't suck) and manage to get a 1-day-old copy of Flushed Away. Unlike the other movies, which we get for five whole days (did I mention they rock?), FA is only on loan for 2. I worry I won't manage to remember to return it on time. Only 2 days?!?

Flushed Away rocks. Incredibly well done, lots of inserted jokes for the grown-ups, wonderful actors. Loved it, loved it. Highly recommended.

We lazed away the Saturday, too. I think we got out once, but can't remember what we did. I did manage to call the appliance-repair folks so that we could get someone to replace the igniter in the stove oven and the valve in the washer (no oven at all, and the washer had been dripping). Sunday, I played handbells for the postlude and did very well. Didn't play any wrong notes but did miss one of my notes; unfortunately, it was when someone behind me hit a wrong note, so my playing my note might have helped. Overall, it went so well that many people spontaneously applauded.

That afternoon, I went over to my Stampin' Up Independent Demonstrator's house to "play" (if you're patient enough, you'll see me in one of those photos). I showed off some cards I'd put together the previous night (after G had gone to bed) that had turned out well, and finished some cards I'd been planning, with the generous donation of a piece of pretty blue cardstock that worked beautifully with the chocolate-brown I'd been using. I'll post a photo when I get a chance, mostly to bore you folks. :)

We spent hours there, which worked out well for all involved: G got to play wild and active games with his friend, which included racing through the dining room to fall on a big pillow, over and over again; I got a tasty lunch and dinner; and we got to do some great talking/sharing/collaborating. Another friend even dropped by later and had some nice ideas for some of the stamps I'd brought along.

I didn't end up subbing in the Green game that evening, but was happy with my choice in the end. I'll play in our last game on Friday and help out with GHATD on Saturday (after carefully drying my gear out!). Next weekend, Red Tryouts!


At 11:38 AM, March 02, 2007, Blogger Dharma said...

It will be nice to read new things more regularly from you, I do miss that.


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