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Friday, March 16, 2007

I have a dent in my calf

I was putting lotion on two days ago, and found a dent in the back of my calf. It's not an injury; it's muscle tone. Muscle tone, me? And today, while skating, I felt my calves working hard hard hard... I think I'd be less wobbly if I had better core strength. More situps (yessir, right away).

There was a guy there, in really cool looking hockey skates, doing these intense, deep crossovers. Very slowly moving his legs, but with reasonable overall speed. He fell a few times and looked disgusted... then I watched him before he fell: he was trying to do these super-tight turns with his skates at a really extreme angle. Well, kudos to him for falling! I did once yesterday but not at all today (but my transitions seemed much better and I was less tired). I peered a few times and decided that he did have kneepads on (I was wearing my Freecycle basic kneepads, which were a Good Thing yesterday).

Then, as I was getting ready to go, he happened to be resting. We chatted, and it turns out he's never played hockey! Thinks he'll be ready in the fall. (He's ready now.) I raved about how fun and addictive it is, and he nodded, excited. I mentioned that it is expensive, and he'd heard that, too. What's the wait, guy? Go for it!

Oh, I also had a really close near-miss with a figure skater. She managed not to fall but scared the freaking bejeezus out of me. I was doing circles and thought I'd been watching the other skaters--we both probably thought we were watching the other skaters, but I think I was going over the top of the circle, not the way she expected, and she was just a lot faster than I expected. My heart was beating fast for a full minute, I think. Yow.


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