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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Next, she'll take care of that Iraq-war thingy

On the radio yesterday: Sprint lost one million customers in the last month alone.

A few months ago, my sister's Sprint contract was almost up and the Sprint representative misstated some part of her contract that resulted in her paying more than she had expected. She said she wanted to cancel the contract completely, and asked for the payoff amount. It was more than outrageous. She was furious but still threatened to cancel.

The woman she talked to next was from Customer Retention, which was laughable since M says she was rude and absolutely WRONG about some of the charges.

So my sister kept that phone for the 3 remaining months of the contract but changed her voicemail message to one that extolled the phenomenally lousy service she'd received at Sprint--"and here's my new Verizon cell phone number!"

And now they've lost a million customers in just one month.

I called her up and asked her to find a way to end the Iraq war, if she's that damned powerful. It's the least she can do. (She'll get right on it.)


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