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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

1-0: A good game, and my first real Red penalty

We had a tough game on Sunday. They have many capable players, but they bunched a lot, so much so that when they pulled their goalie in the last minute or so, it didn't help them at all. And we went for the puck a lot, to our benefit.

Steph scored our one goal, a pretty, hard shot that bounced up Nora's stick and dribbled over her shoulder into the goal. Nora seemed pretty mad after that one; understandably so, perhaps. She was pretty damned solid for the rest of the game.

Including when I had a breakaway and she came WAY out (it seemed like she was past the face-off dots toward me. A little unnerving when a goalie who is 6'3" without skates is lumbering toward you, looking larger than life in all that gear. I have no idea what I did, but I didn't get far. I think I took a lousy shot right at her. Of course--why didn't I even try to deke and get around her? Next time. (Good for her for coming out; it was the right thing to do!)

And as for my penalty: We were behind the net, fighting crazily for the puck. I took a good swipe at it, didn't get it, but took out their D's feet completely. She went flying over my stick. There was no whistle, so I thought somehow I'd gotten away with it, but as soon as the puck emerged, there was a whistle and I heard, "93, trip!" Oops. At least my team (go team!) stayed tough and left them scoreless in their power play.

It's funny to have such a low scoring game, but the scoresheet for us (and perhaps them) did show very few shots in total. It sure was fun, though; that is a great, fun team to play.


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