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Monday, July 14, 2008

Another M@stercard commercial

Dinner with Liz & Val, Friday night, on the way to camping: About $10, on Mastercard

Towing to repair shop for car with blown radiator hose: covered by car insurance (phew)

Rental car at airport: $38--no wait, add the taxes and airport fee, $56, on Mastercard

Radiator hose finally repaired and tested: $127, on Mastercard

Lunch with Liz, Andrea, and Val at A&W, with frosty mugs of root beer: About $12, on Mastercard

Support of friends in a crisis: priceless

Also priceless: enjoying handmade matzo ball soup as a first course at campsite, remarking to each other how good it tastes

And priceless again: Playing a card game with my kid and having him be a graceful loser, for once

Thanks, Liz & Andrea, for saving my doomed weekend!


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