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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Thank God for rain

G's team was to have their last soccer game today, after having the end-of-season party last night, complete with trophies and hooded sweatshirts handed out by the coach. We were to bring snacks and I had planned to bring donuts as well, they being such a hit at a previous game (then brought by the coach).

But after a late evening and me staying up working on the Anniversary socks (and then today, finding out all 34 rows were wrong--perhaps some day I'll learn to listen to my instincts when they say, "Hey, that doesn't seem right"), I really dragged my butt out of bed at 7. It had rained softly but steadily all night. No email from the coach. Found the soccer website and lo and behold, yep, we are rained out. I creep into G's room and whisper into his ear that his game is rained out (in case he's about to wake up with a start and worry that we've missed it). I crawl back into bed and set the alarm for 2 hrs later. Aaaah. I love sleeping.

G wakes up, has remembered me whispering into his ear, and is happy there is no game. Asks me to watch a video with him. I agree, he crawls in my bed with me after starting it, and I drift off. I wake up in the middle of video #2. At some point, we have breakfast--he with cereal and too much milk (screaming for a napkin as he catches excess milk with his hands, oy vey), and me with leftover Thai food.

Then I got an IM from K, that she's not feeling well, and I get us into gear: I make my so-good applesauce (just water and good eating apples and a sprinkle of my expensive cinnamon from The Food Mill) and pack that up, along with homemade chicken soup, ginger ale, and Frescas. We tote them over to K's and hang out for a while, talking and looking at her beads and more talking. Very relaxing afternoon.

G and I had a snuggly mom-and-kid evening, complete with Ben & Jerry's straight from the container, and he's asleep in my bed (special dispensation), where I'll join him forthwith.

G'night, y'all.


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